Faith & Health – Spirituality and Stress Relief

Using Faith to Reduce Stress. Faith is a belief or trust in God, while spirituality is an attachment to religious values. Whichever term you prefer, the concept can be used to successfully reduce stress and improve quality of life. 1. Admit you're stressed. Is your life so packed with things to do that you can't [...]

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Book of The Month – December 2016

Never to Leave Us Alone: The Prayer Life of Martin Luther King Jr. by Lewis Baldwin Based on years of original research, Never to Leave Us Alone is the first book-length treatment of the prayer life of the famed religious and civil rights leader. Drawing on personal prayers that King recited as a seminarian and graduate [...]

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Artist of The Month – December 2016 – Curtis Lewis, Jr.

Recording artist Curtis E. Lewis Jr. began singing at the early age of six ministering in song at his home church, The Church In The Round C.O.G.I.C., located in Aliquippa, Pa. With a watchful eye and a listening ear, Curtis learned the ropes of the music industry and the ministry of music--and its role both [...]

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Church of The Month – December 2016

Bright Side Baptist Church  Church History:  This beautiful and fruitful fellowship of love began July 6, 1980, at St. Paul’s Church of God in Christ (formerly St. Paul’s AUFCMP, 14 East Farnum Street, Lancaster, Pa.)under the guidance of Rev. Louis A. Butcher, Jr. On Thursday, July 10, 1980, the organizational meeting, with six persons accepting membership, [...]

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