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Monthly Archives: April 2017

News & Scoop: Samuel L. Jackson Says This About The Residents of Pottsville, Pennsylvania

In a radio interview, Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson took a few moments to praise Pottsville, Pennsylvania residents after they had helped him when his rental car encountered some mechanical problems as he was passing through the city recently: “We were just leaving Pottsville, Pennsylvania when our rental car began to overheat so I pulled [...]

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Faith & Health: Five Reasons Why God Wants Us Healthy, Well And Fit

There are probably a few hundred reasons that might motivate you to care for yourself and to be healthy. Here are five, actually four, reasons that motivate me at a really deep level… and I think that these are reasons why God would want us all to be motivated by. It glorifies God You’re taking [...]

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Book of The Month – We Have Not Been Listening: The Revelation

After missing the Rapture, the ‘NOT TAKEN’ congregants of Saint Augustine Baptist Church continue to have their faith challenged as they await the Tribulation. Challenges like: Your minister is not the man of God that you hoped him to be! Church folk can hurt you worse than some non-church folk! Your denomination isn’t all that [...]

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Church of The Month – April 2017

Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis Senior Pastor of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Church History: Mount Ararat Baptist Church was organized in 1906 at a meeting held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Marshall of 156 Everett Street (now Hamilton Avenue) in East Liberty. As a result of this meeting, a one-story [...]

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Artist of The Month – April 2017 – A. Jermaine

Anthony Jermaine Nixon, better known as A. Jermaine, has been making footprints in the music industry for many years. A. Jermaine has done everything from facilitating vocal workshops, volunteering with community outreach organizations, and organizing programs to benefit the churches of the local community. A. Jermaine was born in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. He began his journey [...]

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