The Dixie Hummingbirds are one of gospel music’s famed institutions. They are to the gospel quartet tradition what the New York Yankees are to baseball. Although each generation of Yankee teams differ from the next, each embodies the winning tradition that fans expect. Similarly, The Dixie Hummingbirds’ ideals and sound transcend the original founding members and continue to pass to new singers. Each member is firmly rooted in The Birds’ 89 year legacy and committed to spreading their faith in God through song, being a positive example, and giving their audience a dynamic and meaningful performance. As the new generation puts their mark on The Birds’ musical heritage and takes the quartet tradition into the future, no doubt James Davis, Ira Tucker, Sr., James Walker, Beechy Thompson, William Bobo and other past Birds are Beaming From Heaven. Special thanks to David April for writing this piece! Today’s roster is inclusive of Ira Tucker Jr., Roy Smith, Troy Smith and 3 members who were personally selected, mentored and trained by Ira Tucker Sr., Lyndon Baines Jones, Torrey Nettles and Carlton Lewis III.