Me, Myself and I, Soul’d Out by Chareese Nichole Mathews

A book of wisdom, knowledge and valuable lessons derived from dysfunctional and broken relationships, self-perception and belief systems. The transparency of real life lessons and experiences the author shares will lead the reader through the paths of understanding, awareness and ultimately the identity of one’s authentic self.

The journey will expose old belief systems, bring resolution to past hurts and signal the need of healing to bring restoration and alignment to the soul.
The road trip will also explore the most secretive and sacred places of the soul-the mind, will and emotions, dissecting to the core as it relates to every aspect of one’s being- Me, Myself and I. The one- on- one delightful conversation will reveal the keys to life’s purpose, and will leave your soul at peace while continuing the journey; Equipped with the tools to build on a new foundation of healthy living, you will also know how to navigate through the seasonal changes of evolving, and the storms of life designed to deter your direction. The goal to pursue wholeness, happiness, authenticity and peace is the road to your destination, as it awaits your arrival to provide you with the best fulfilled life ever!

Thought-provoking, thrilling and entertaining, SOUL’D OUT is a crazy rollercoaster ride of a book. Shed tears of joy and even laugh uncontrollably, as you take in the wisdom and knowledge the author shares. This road trip with Soul-sister and soul-coach Charese Nicole is a journey through the soul: the mind, will and emotions… also known as Me, Myself and I. The pages of this book will have your spirit leaping and soul feeling refreshed. You are guaranteed to walk away from this trip challenged to analyze your life as well as make immediate changes to your emotional state and way of thinking. Purchasing this book is a great first step in defying all those old belief systems that no longer work: YOU CAN make sound, conscious decisions that will result in a more fulfilled life.

Prepare to be encouraged, equipped, educated and captivated, as you engage in this candid, fun and relaxed one-on-one conversation, just as if you two were physically sitting next to each other. During this journey, your conversation with Charese Nicole will help you identify unique qualities of the make, model and type of the car transporting you in order to better know who is (or has been) driving your life. She will likewise identify the pit stops of love, life and relationships, all while giving you spiritual and practical insight on the importance of the vehicle and the key of life. You will also get a clear understanding of the unauthorized passengers in your car, even the hitchhikers picked up along the way. And when she gives you the key to the ignition, you will know how to immediately activate the power to start living a successful and prosperous life!