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About Book & Author: If you ever wondered what a drug addict/alcoholic goes through and the transitions that occur in every aspect of his/her life, you will be educated, enlightened and inspired reading these 4-year journal entries of a recovering person’s daily journey from crack to Christ – ‘As It Was Writt(i)n. Edwina Bell celebrates 28 years this month clean and sober from a devastating and humiliating drug/alcohol addiction. After just 5 months in recovery, she was instructed by her sponsor in May 1990 to keep a journal of her daily feelings, thoughts, and actions. Edwina did what was suggested and recorded in her journal, off and on, for a 4 year period.  On Jan. 11, 1991, her entry for that day was having a vision of being a Speaker and a Writer.  Edwina has been a motivational speaker for 27 years, graduated with a Master’s Degree in Human Services in May 1997, and is currently obtaining a Doctorate of Ministry degree in Biblical Studies (just to learn more about the God that met and delivered her from underneath a parked car). She has a tv talk show “Choosing A New Way of Life” for the past 19 years. Not only did God touch her life, he also touched the lives of her children. Her daughter, Kenisha, is CEO of A Woman’s Touch Construction Company and works with teenage girls who were used for sex-trafficking (Edwina almost sold her daughter for drugs); her son, Dr. Dwight Dockery, II is an educator who works with at-risk youth who are dealing with similar issues he had to deal with having a crack-head and prostituted mother. Edwina’s motto is “when the student is ready, the teacher(s) will appear!”  The Holy Spirit provided her the cost of the book of $19.90, the year she was saved and delivered! To order a book or to schedule her as a speaker/vendor, call (302) 690-6679;; or inbox Edwina Bell on Facebook. The book is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kendal.


Table of Contents:

(Journal entries from May 7, 1990 thru May 7, 1993)

Making Decisions/Awareness of Self & Others

Someone Important Trusted Me

Sharing/1st Letter of Reference In Recovery

Panic/Chosen/Making Bank Deposits (emotional)

1st Mother’s Day in Recovery/Fear Sets In

Drug Dream/Temptation/Fear/Co-Dependency

Facing Fears/Belonging/Recognize Temptations

Happy Dream/Reaching Out/Faith Practiced

No Desire to Use-WOW/Me, a Model/Triggers

Knowing My Sponsor/Fun/Never a Bad Meeting

Speaking Up/Going to Church/Learning Boundaries

Thank God I’m an Alcoholic/Reflecting

Just A Dream/High & Low Points/No Power Given

Revelations/Listening to Tape of Father Martin

Peace & Restlessness/Act of Cleansing/Get Real

Hope/Helping/Restored/1st Commitment

Jan. 11, 1991 – Rebuild Family/Visions of a Speaker & Writer

Accepting Support/Step Work, Here I Come!

My Daughter’s Letter to Me/What Do I Say or Do?

Resume Writing/Faith & Trust Overview

Inventory/Restored/God’s Will

Roller Coaster Emotions/Growth

Fear of Commitment/Flesh vs Spirit

Steps 4-7/Old Patterns Identified

Truth Revealed/Letting Go of Old Self

Sets Me Free/Sponsor’s Suggestions

Taking Care of Self/To Own Self Be True

Giving vs Keeping Power

It Hurts Letting Go/This Too Shall Pass

Lord, Order My Steps

Recovery is Being Prepared

It’s a Process/Solution Oriented

Validation from Opposite Sex/Change is at Hand

Used for Purpose by Planting Seeds

Recovery Follows Me/Building A Foundation

Turn It Over/Continue to be of Service

A Dream – Called to What?

3rd Year Anniversary/All in Your Hands

Cancer?/Home or No Home, It’s Okay

A $3,443 Gift & Possible Home

Feeling Lonely/Never Alone/Help Others

Gift Increases to $5,043 & Homeowner!

Joyful/And What, So What, What Now?

Do Your Will/Glimpse of Purpose

No Other Help/Physical vs Spiritual

Spiritual House Sold, Bought & Furnished!

I’m Not Dreaming, the Dream is Real!

More/Keep Trusting/You Have Purpose

With God, I’m Not Afraid to Serve & Share

Decreased Flesh/Increased Fruit of the Spirit

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