Book of the Month – Heart Cries & Healing

Heart Cries & Healing by Karen B. Stevenson MD M.Div.

“Heart Cries & Healing”: a well-researched and poignant book of hope and healing for hurting black women who have been influenced to undergo abortion in their community. “Heart Cries & Healing” is the creation of published author, Karen B. Stevenson MD M.Div., a certified psychiatrist with a ministry that is primarily centered on mental and spiritual care of women.

Stevenson shares, “Much has been written regarding the psychological effects of abortion, yet post-abortive women have been silent about its impact. The political and social climate of our time does not give women permission to openly grieve their losses regarding abortion. They are told that it is a ‘choice’ to abort their pregnancies and that abortion is just the removal of fetal tissue. They receive society’s message that there are no consequences of their ‘choice,’ thus they hide their unspoken pain and grief under the cloak of denial. The unconscious repression or conscious suppression of their pain manifests itself in various ways. Substance abuse, eating disorders including obesity, promiscuous sexuality or the inability to have intimate relationships, repeat abortions, having ‘redemption babies,’ babies born after the abortion(s) to redeem themselves after choosing abortion, and suicidal behavior are just a few of the responses of women as they struggle with the unresolved grief of VPT. These are cries for help and they should be addressed. There are also women who suppress their pain and appear to be doing well. They may be successful in their professional lives and active in ministry, yet they struggle with a nagging sadness or sense of emotional numbness that refuses to go away.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Karen B. Stevenson’s informative book covers a wide scope on the factors that have made abortion rampant with great amount of research and honesty in detail; she chooses to write about abortion in the black community upon noticing that it is not included in national news and other major discussions.

Stevenson herself has encountered women who have struggled with abortion and motherhood as an African-American psychiatrist and minister. This book is a credible account that addresses the trauma of hard issues that the black community has been facing for a long time without holding back.

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