On a cool April evening, Angela Alexander, a United States Air Force Reserve cargo specialist, is unexpectedly summoned to her captain’s office shortly after arriving in Japan for her assignment. She starts to wonder what she could have possibly done wrong. But when she opens the door and sees the priest, she knows it is far worse. As the priest begins to speak in a faltering voice, both time and Angela’s trembling heart seem to stop. Miracles in Action is a compelling story of triumph in the face of unspeakable tragedy. It will bring you to tears and it will make you smile. It will amaze you and it will restore your faith. It will comfort and console you. It will show you how God compassionately cares for Angela, who loves Him so tenderly. Above all, Miracles in Action will reveal to you and your loved ones how you, too, can recognize the miracles in action in your lives and turn pain into power and grief into peace.

About Author: April 1, 2000, while Angela was in Japan on military duty her family in California was involved in a fatal car crash. Sadly her two eight-year-old sons Murice and Roger passed instantly at the scene. One of the many miracles is God allowed both to write and leave behind incredible good-bye letters. Since then Angela has retired from the Air Force Reserve. Now she’s an Author and Inspirational Speaker of her amazing testimony titled, Miracles in Action Turning Pain into Power and Grief into Peace.