By Author: J. Jakee

Depression and longing for unconditional love has Soror Bailey submerged in a whirlwind of thoughts, triggered from the struggles of being raised by her bipolar grandmother. FINALLY it seems as if Bailey has found stability in someone who not only adores her, but also supports her author dreams, Caesar G. Goodman-the successful airbrush artist she’s been crushing on since college.

Immediately after falling in love at first “reunite”, they become the most raved about couple on social media. Unbeknownst to their followers, they aren’t happily married and have separated after 6 months.

Did Caesar sell Bailey a life of false hopes and dreams? Will Bailey be forced to put her emerging writing career on hold to become the sole breadwinner? She begins to feel that her greatest nightmares of ending up broke, depressed, and suicidal like her Grandmother are becoming reality.

Award-winning Gospel Hip-Hop artist Meshach Moore, enters back into Bailey’s life, but this time with a hook that could push her career to the next level. And it’s while working closely with Meshach that Bailey struggles with the idea that she could be yoked to the wrong man…