Pastor’s Bio: Philip and Gwen Thornton serve as the founding pastors of Church Without Walls in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Church Without Walls is a community church in the Capitol Region with international scope and vision committed to restoration and evangelism.
The apostolic/prophetic anointing on Pastor Philip’s life has developed through 20 years of ministry. His experience in teaching Kingdom principles and operating under a strong anointing has established an inheritance that is rich in power, wisdom, revelation and wealth building principles.

As a pastor and conference speaker, Philip Thornton is much sought after for his apostolic insight and ability to teach principles of prophetic intercession, unity, regional expressions of the Church, awakening of purpose, and Kingdom parables revealing the prophetic signs of the times.  International ministry opportunities have taken him to more than 20 nations of the world to teach and preach the Word of God.  The freedom from sin, healing of broken hearts, signs, wonders and miracles accompany his ministry confirming his deep devotion and relationship with Christ.

His connection to the late Dr. Lester Sumrall is evidenced in his unique style, delivery, and vision driven boldness.  Consumed by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, the ministry of Philip Thornton is sure to bring you to a greater understanding and release of the will, plan and purposes of God for your life.

Pastor Gwen is an extremely gifted and prophetic speaker.  She has a deep devotion to God and acute hearing when it comes to what God is saying for the moment.  The Lord speaks to her in dreams and visions and she has used that gift to bring freedom to others. She also oversees our awesome youth program and powerful ladies’ ministries.

Church History: Church Without Walls began in the Capitol Region in November of the year 2000.  The ministry was born out of the Capitol Region School of Prayer when the Lord spoke to Pastor Thornton about relocating his family and launching a “Multicultural-Word of Faith” church that focuses on children, youth and family.  The Lord spoke early on and said “Don’t worry about building big ministry, just build big people!”  This has been and remains the main focus of CWW since inception.  God is blessing as they teach and train the people of the capitol region how to walk with God.

Church Without Walls believes that their children and youth are our greatest asset and that they are called to become the “Enoch Generation”, a generation that walks with God and is no more…  Because of this belief, we focus much of our attention, efforts and finances in building the best children and youth ministries in Harrisburg.  There new, state of the art facility has independent children and youth facilities designed to teach and train your children the Spirit led life taking them into higher dimensions in God.

Quote from pastor/ church slogan: “…Building Big People”

Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Address:  104 Roberts Valley Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17110

Telephone:  (717) 233-8380

Church E-Mail:

Web Site:

Membership: 400 Members with average attendance of 200-300 weekly.

Service Times: Sundays @ 10 am “Family Celebration Service”  (Full Nursery, Children & Youth Ministry) Tuesdays @ 7pm “School of the Holy Spirit”