Hundreds heeded the call on a recent Sunday to attend a service of “reaffirmation, anointing and appointment” that was called at Holy Temple Church of God in Christ in the city’s West Philadelphia area.

Bishop Guy L. Glimp, the jurisdictional prelate of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, was the cleric who set things in motion inside the sanctuary at the corner of 60th and Callowhill streets.

“Bishop Glimp, our jurisdictional prelate, has called us all together for a time of dedication and affirmation and prayer,” said Elisha B. Morris, an elder who has been active in the religious group for several decades.

During the service, the bishop announced his appointments to the various ministerial offices and talked about his vision for 2019 for the religious group that was established in the early 1920s.

“We’re here to come together from York, Pa., from Harrisburg, from Camden, from South Jersey, from all over Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs to be with our bishop, Guy Glimp and the other leaders of our jurisdiction,” said Morris.

Quoting from the book of Habakkuk, Morris said God told the Old Testament prophet to “write the vision, make it plain, hang it on the wall so that they that see it can run with it.”

“So, he

[Glimp] is doing a part of that by bringing us together here today, giving us his vision for the year and then the various auxiliaries of the church will get to work to bring forth the vision he set forth for the whole jurisdiction,” Morris said.

Those auxiliaries are diverse within the state’s ecclesiastical jurisdiction, ranging from youth and missionary efforts to music and foreign affairs programs. Each working to make Glimp’s vision a reality, he added.

Having the service this early in the year is unique in that such meetings are traditionally held after the annual convocation, which usually occurs in late August or early September.

“This year, he’s decided to start the year off [with the service],” said Morris. “As you can see, the place is packed. Folks loved the fact that he is starting the year with a vision from the leader as opposed to waiting until August or September.”

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